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I understand that they're also looking into distributing games via Edison cylinders.

May 23, 2022

Twelve Nights in Tokyo

Twelve days and 44 hours of game time later I finished Ghostwire Tokyo Evil was vanquished, KK left Akito's body and moved on and Akito vowed to tell KK's family that he was so distant because he was trying to save the world for them. I'm rather sorry they didn't show Akito talking to KK's wife and son.After I finished I learned that Tango Gameworks, the company that developed the game, was founded by Shinji Mikami. Mikami gave the world games like Resident Evil, Resident Evil 3 and was the executive producer for Devil May Cry. So Ghostwire Tokyo comes with a pedigree. It's not a game for the ages but I had a lot of fun playing it.

Tokyo is depopulated except for Akito, the visitors and various other things like yokais. Some of the yokais have taken over Tokyo's convenience stores.

Strange to say but depopulated Tokyo seemed more like a real city then populated Night City, even though Night City had the better engine. At least the beings running around in Tokyo seem to have a sense of purpose.

I'll be honest, I got Ghostwire Tokyo on sale for $39. It's back up to $59 on Steam but it's still on sale over at Epic. It's a little short for the higher price point but I was ready to pay full price and had I paid the extra $20 I think I would still have been satisfied.

May 23, 2022

Akito the Vault Dweller

There's a quest in Ghostwire Tokyo that gives you a vault dweller's outfit. I wanted that thing, having played Fallout 1, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. I finished the quest and Akito will be wearing this for the rest of the game.

May 21, 2022


May 20, 2022

The Demon Parade

Periodically the Visitors, the beings causing havoc in Tokyo, stage a parade. It's the eeriest thing I've seen in a game in some time.

May 15, 2022


If you've never played Prey, it's this week's free game from the Epic Store. It's by Arkane, the folks who did Dishonored, Dishonored 2, and Deathloop. And I even did a video of the game five years ago in case you want a look.

Damn, I look almost competent there.

May 12, 2022


That's your character in Ghostwire Tokyo, Akito. When everybody was turned into spirits, Akito was busy dying. He survived the transition, was possessed by a guy called KK and he's trying to save his sister by defeating the asshole who caused this. I'm assuming that the pouch thing he's wearing is where he keeps his supply of food, food taking the role of health potions in the game. I'm also assuming that the black stuff on the right side of his face has something to do with KK. By the way, if you ever decide to play this game, feed the dogs roaming the city. It's a nice thing to do and occasionally a grateful dog will take you someplace interesting.

May 12, 2022

More Ghostwire Tokyo

I probably should have mentioned that the sound in Jemisin's Twitch stream doesn't kick in until 20 minutes in, that's on me. My video has sound from the beginning and my voice too. Not much commentary though, I was playing at two in the morning and while that's not excessively late for me I was coming off a weekend of playful debauchery.

Meanwhile, most gaming sites acknowledge that Elden Ring will be this year's game of the year. It's gorgeous, wildly popular and hard as hell. Ghostrwire Tokyo looks nice, got fair to middling reviews and is not too hard at all. I'm playing on normal and after a hard fight in a bathhouse I may be able to finish the whole game on normal. I say may, I'm not getting my hopes up. It's essentially a first person shooter except instead of bullets you're using elemental spells. Same deal.

The game's default language setting is Japanese with English subtitles. I tried the dialog in English and it just didn't work for me. It's like anime, it's better in Japanese.

This game is not great, but I'm enjoying it and if you like the setting, the combat, and don't expect too much you could do worse.

May 11, 2022

Ghostwire Tokyo

Last week I watched N. K. Jemisin play Ghostwire Tokyo on Twitch and the game intrigued me. It was not something I'd usually play but the mechanisms looked like something I could handle. I dithered about for bit and after talking to Marie I decided to buy the game, it's been some time since I played something a little different. As luck would have it the game was on sale for $39.57 so I grabbed it. I'll let you know how things go.

May 10, 2022


I have a mailing list and I haven't written much there recently. It's about the news and with the news being what it is, if I tried writing it on a regular basis it would devolve into an incoherent rant punctuated by long strings of curse words. However I'm heading north for the weekend on Friday and visits with Donna put me in a good mood. The Newsfeed isn't dead, it's just pining for the fjords.

May 4, 2022


That's Taweret, an Egyptian goddess, she's a character in Moon Knight. It irks me that so many critics refer to her as the Hippo Goddess, as if she was the patron of hippopotamuses. In fact she was the goddess of childbirth and fertility. Hippopotamuses were common on predynastic Egypt and according to Wikipedia they were good mothers. And in Moon Knight Taweret does indeed come off as nurturing. So there, she was not the goddess of hippos.

On the other hand, Bast was the goddess of cats. Go figure.

May 4, 2022

Today's Political Comment

April 29, 2022

The Stanley Parable: The Demo

The Stanley Parable came out in 2013, it's a mindfuck game. I'm bringing it up because tomorrow The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe arrives. To celebrate I'm sharing a video of the demo for the original game. That's what sold me on the game nine years ago. I'm looking forward to the remake.

April 26, 2022

Two Gaming Videos

The first video is taken from the U5 tech demo released to developers a few weeks ago. A fellow named Tyson Butler-Boschma added a Superman like character and posted the demo here. The U5 demo was never intended to be played with by the likes of you and me and it doesn't run smoothly but it will give you an idea of what environments will look like in a few years.

Next is a video of the Let Me Solo Her guy. You can summon other players to help out in Elden Ring and Let Me Solo Her has become a legend in the game. If you need help with a boss named Malenia, Blade of Night, he'll answer your call, dressed in his underwear with a pot over his head.

These things make me happy.

April 17, 2022